The Londoner | Interview | DJ Fat Tony

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Art of City with gray-colored sky view at The Londoner

Best-known as the fashion scene’s go-to performer and for his hilarious curation of memes on Instagram, seasoned Londoner DJ Fat Tony reveals his secret spots and what makes the city so special to him.

Life in London

Fat Tony

TL: Where is home for you? 
FT: Pimlico. It has that London magic and a Mary Poppins feel. I love the coffee shops and knowing all the dogs in the area.

TL: What’s your first memory of London? 
FT: Visiting Selfridges as a child with my parents. It felt like stepping into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – the most wonderful place on earth, full of splendour and grandeur.

TL: What’s your London secret? 
FT: Bennington Square in Vauxhall. It has charming terrace houses and an old water wheel in the park. There's also a community cafe with art exhibitions, making it a hidden gem off the beaten track.

Being proud of where you live. It's not about where you were born or grew up; you can come from anywhere in the world, but you can live here, and feel like you belong. I’m always proud to be a Londoner and part of the community. 

Fat Tony on what makes someone a Londoner...

Favourite Things

TL: What is your favourite shop?
FT: Selfridges. It still holds the magic from my childhood, and now they let dogs in, thanks to me!

TL: Favourite thing about The Londoner?
FT: The Ballroom! And its location on Leicester Square.

TL: Favourite work of art at The Londoner?
FT: The McQueen piece in The Gallery.

My favourite place in The Londoner is The Ballroom. The whole floor has a warm and inviting ambiance that is difficult to achieve for something of such a staggering size.